Marco Dingemans

Studio Director Marco Dingemans is originally from the Netherlands (1969) and finished two degrees in Tourism & Marketing (BA) and Communications & Organisation Science (MA) in his native country. He moved to London in 2010.

Marco has always done different types of exercise (and he once was quite good at ballroom dancing) but nothing really stuck until he discovered Pilates.

In 2015 Marco trained at Pi Studios in London and qualified as a Classical mat teacher. In 2017 he completed a Classical Reformer training at Core Pilates NY in Wellington.


In 2019 he successfully finished a new teacher training program of 600 hours at Authentic Pilates Education International in Auckland and Sydney and became a fully comprehensive classical pilates teacher.

Victoria Dawes

Apprentice teacher Victoria grew up in Dunedin after her family emigrated from the UK in 1998. She travelled to Ashland, Wisconsin where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts (Ceramics and Printmaking).


She returned to New Zealand in December 2019, and has her Ceramics Studio at home in Pisa Moorings, Cromwell.

Injuries and imbalances from pushing and being pushed back by clay reminded Victoria that the most important tool in her ceramics practice is the body she was born with. She started lessons at Breathe Pilates in Sheffield and quickly started to feel more stable through her hips and shoulders. 


To develop a more balanced combined practice of Pottery and Pilates, she took lessons with Marco at ArrowPilates and in July 2020 she started her teacher training journey with Authentic Pilates Education International.

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