The 5 Powerhouse Actions

with Lisa Taylor


7 May 2021


You are probably aware of the Powerhouse but do you know the 5 Powerhouse actions required to fully engage and move from the Powerhouse?

What will you learn?

  • What are the 5 Powerhouse actions?

  • Why are they so important?

  • How & where to train them? Which exercises, which apparatus?

  • How to use them with your clients and yourself?


This is a participative workshop so be prepared to switch roles between ‘body’ and ‘teacher’.



Friday 2pm-4.30pm


Price $100






Select this workshop if ...

  • You are a certified teacher already working in the industry OR

  • You are interested in diving deeper into the fundamentals of the original method



  • ​15 minute mat workout to warm up

  • Using the Mat, Reformer and Tower you will be taken through the 5 Powerhouse Actions

  • There will be a break of 15 minutes


Terms and Conditions apply

No refunds

No transfers after 30 April 2021

Lisa Taylor

Classical Pilates  Teacher

Lisa Taylor is a fully qualified classical Pilates teacher based in St Arnaud, New Zealand. She started her Pilates journey in London and trained with one of the global leaders of the classical Pilates world, Holly Murray - owner of Pi Studios. Holly was trained by Romana Krysnakowsky which makes Lisa a third generation teacher.


She moved to New Zealand in 2017 and worked at True Pilates studio in Auckland before moving to St Arnaud where she continues to teach at her home studio, online and in Nelson.


Lisa’s passion is to support people connecting to their bodies; to have control of our body so we can move freely, pain-free, from a place of strength and stability. Thus creating a body that responds well to all that life throws at it. 
She teaches the Pilates Method with Joseph Pilates’ goal in mind – developing a body that is ‘prepared for the unexpected.’ 

Please note; on Saturday 8 May we organise a 'Deep-Dive Universal Reformer' workshop.

If you sign up for both workshops the price is $160 (normal price $200). Send us an email to get this deal.