Private Sessions


Private sessions are our signature workout. We will develop the private session around your needs and goals.


In a 1 : 1 or 1 : 2 you will work with all equipment available in the studio; not just reformer but also the chairs, barrels, cadillac and pedi-pole plus all the small equipment to help you move your body.

Semi Private 

Get the most from your practice in a shared private mode, with a maximum of three clients per class.


You have access to a fully-equipped Pilates studio as well as a variety of teachers who are qualified comprehensively in the Pilates method and who will act as your coach.


Group Classes


Join our highly popular group classes (4-5 people per class) with Reformer and/or Tower.

Both classes are not offered anywhere in the Whakatipu and are guaranteed to challenge both your body and mind. Classes are small to give you the best attention and to get the most out of each session.

New Clients

All new clients begin with one of our three intro packages (55 minutes each) called the New Clients Induction Program. We want you to understand and feel the basics of the Pilates method before you move into group classes or semi private sessions. 


Private Sessions


All eyes on you. This is by far the best way to learn and do Pilates. The studio and all its equipment is your workout space. Your teacher will guide, support and encourage you to go a step further, to deepen the work and challenge your mind.


Private sessions can be taken as 1 : 1 or 1 : 2. A duet session which means you will share the teacher with a buddy, partner or neighbour. Both type of sessions can be booked in around your time schedule. When you book a duet session, make sure you come together; otherwise you will be charged as a private session.


Semi Private Sessions


Whether you are looking to gain a better understanding in certain movements, are recovering from an injury, living with a health condition or are pre/post-natal, the small group format allows for the personalised approach, without the price tag.

In this class format you will each work out on a piece of apparatus and follow the classical order. With fewer people in the studio there is more time to move around and try out new exercises and equipment.

You can join the semi-private classes after you have completed your new client induction program. Maximum of 3 clients per class.



Group Classes




The Universal Reformer, with its spring-based resistance and extensive range of movements, combines a strict order of exercises to bring you to a new level of Pilates practice. Maximum of 4 clients.


Reformer is for the client…

  • who has completed the new client induction program OR who already trains at ArrowPilates and understands the classical style

  • who understands the fundamental reformer exercises and is ready to be challenged physically and mentally

  • is comfortable to operate the foot bar, manipulate the box/straps and follow choreography and instruction at pace



A Wall-Unit based class that uses Pilates principles and repertoire from Mat, Cadillac, Barrels and props including standing/balance challenges. A class that is not offered anywhere else in Queenstown. Maximum of 5 clients.


Tower is for the client…

  • who has completed the new client induction program OR who already trains at ArrowPilates and understands the classical style

  • who has experience with classical Pilates repertoire and is pain-free and able to move into a variety of positions quickly

  • who has an exercise foundation and a desire to be challenged physically

  • who follows choreography and instruction and moves at pace


Please choose for private sessions if you require rehabilitation services.


Semi Private

“A man is as young as his spinal column.”


Joseph Pilates

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