1 : 1 sessions are our signature workout. Studio Director Marco will develop the private session around your needs and goals.


In a 1 : 1 you will work with all equipment available in the studio; not just reformer but also wunda chair, ladder barrel, wall unit and pedi-pole plus all the small equipment to help you move your body.


Casual sessions are not encouraged. You can reach your goals with a minimum of 2 classes per week.

Duet sessions are ideal if you want to work out with a buddy, a partner or a family member and share one teacher at a time that suits you both.


In this session you will work on the Reformer, Tower, Barrel or Mat simultaneously. It is a fun and challenging way to learn more about Classical Pilates when working out with someone you know. Plus it is more affordable than a private session.


Note: you are responsible to find your duet partner and make sure you come together. Should you come on your own, you will be charged a 1 : 1 session.

Private Sessions (55 minutes)

5 Sessions


10 Sessions


Duet Sessions (55 minutes)

5 Sessions

$300 pp

10 Sessions

$520 pp

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