How do I get started?

Start with one of our new client induction packages. You have the choice to do a Tower Intro, Reformer Intro or a Combo intro, all combing private sessions with group classes. We also offer an Ultimate Private package if want to do private sessions only. The choice is your. Please note that these packages can only be used once and are meant for new clients only.

I have done Pilates before... How is 'Classical' different? Do I need to do a new client induction?

Well, Classical Pilates is actual Pilates. In our humble opinion, everything else, is a derivative and misses out on the essence of Joe Pilates’ work. We have found that clients who have done Reformer Fitness or ‘clinical’ Pilates need to start afresh. No disrespect to previous work done, we are creating a rich tapestry of movement and love to add our Pilates touch. We work unapologetically as lovers of the true work including Jospeh’s work and the work of the elders. We work technically, see every detail and also want to drench you in the real Pilates method! The exercises, the equipment, the Philosophy and the way we run our sessions is like nowhere else in Queenstown. Plus … the results.

I have an injury, which class is best for me?

Complete one of your new clients package, we can decide from there. Depending on the complexity of the issue you may need some more support in your early days at the studio. Some clients who have had severe injuries have worked with a combination of private and eventually our group classes. We take pride in doing what is best for you in the short and long-term. We can’t generalise though as there are clients who thrive with certain conditions in our group programme.

I am pregnant! Which class is right for me?

Congratulations, a baby on board! All classes are perfect for you as we have multiple options for your Pilates training. You can work right through to delivery (if appropriate) at the studio. Our group classes will have you supported through your pregnancy. We do recommend seeking advice in the private setting as required and of course, we are happy to work in conjunction with your medical and allied health team during this exciting time.

Can I just do a one off class?

No. We work with clients at least a couple of times each week for a few months at a time. The studio is proudly low-volume / high-retention focussed. We look forward to showing you what regular work with us can accomplish for you. We do offer attractively-priced intro packages to see whether Classical Pilates is for you.

How often should I attend?

As frequently as possible. If Pilates is your only exercise, attend multiple times a week. If you have a jam-packed exercise schedule already, try attending twice a week even if for only a couple of months and then reduce during your ‘on-season’ to once per week for best results. When you start Pilates you start learning how to move in an efficient way and it can take time to get the hang of it and build your endurance. Attending infrequently will keep you as a perpetual newbie, the more often you come, the sooner you can confident, strong and adventurous!

How long do sessions last?

Private and duet sessions are 55 minutes. Group classes are 50 minutes.

Do you have a changing room and amenities?

ArrowPilates has a bathroom with shower and toilet where you can change outfits if you wish. If you are early, take a seat and feel free to grab a mat and practice some physical self-care before your session starts.

How do I get to the studio?

The studio is located at Unit 23A of the Shotover Ridge Business Park, 193 Glenda Drive in Frankton, Queenstown. Parking is free at the Business Park for 90 minutes. If the parking spaces at the Business Park happen to be full (which rarely happens) you can park on Glenda Drive.

What should I wear?

Comfortable active wear, form fitting if possible. Ensure your clothes are free of zippers as they tear the equipment. If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie so that your instructor can assess your form with ease. Chewing gum and body odour aren’t welcome at the studio.

I want to become a Classical Pilates teacher!

Wow, we love your ambition. Well, you have reached the right place. ArrowPilates is an approved training studio in New Zealand for the Authentic Pilates Education International Program. ArrowPilates is not offering the training programme itself (that is taking place in Auckland) but we can mentor you and you can do a lot of your training here with two qualified teachers plus all the space and equipment you need. Reach out to Marco if you want to know more or go the Academy page on our website.